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I am a quantum chemical physicist and scientific programmer who enjoys solving complex scientific and mathematical problems using computers. Currently I write programs to understand how particles inside atoms and molecules interact using quantum theory.

Areas of experience:

  • 3Body library: Developed extensive library of high accuracy programs applicable to solving the Schrödinger equation for any three-particle system, exploring new quantum chemical physics using their wavefunctions.

  • Density-Energy Space: Developed new physical framework showing a direct relationship between radial electron density and the total energy for quantum mechanical systems; a realisation of the Hohenberg and Kohn theorem.

  • Electron Correlation: Calculated the current best electron correlation data for two-electron atoms through the Fully Correlated (FC) and Hartree Fock (HF) programs I developed in the 3Body library. I developed highly optimized, vectorized and parallelized C program to rapidly calculate millions of two-electron integrals using 200-digit precision with rigorous error bounds for each integral.

  • Density Functional Theory Investigation: Implemented work of Colle and Salvetti (CS), Lee, Yang and Parr (LYP) and other DFT functionals to interface with my high accuracy FC and HF wavefunctions.

  • Weakly Bound and Excited States: Implemented theoretical methodologies to analyse asymmetric behaviour of fermions in two-electron systems. I developed a deep learning inspired GPU technique using PyTorch to successfuly circumvent computational difficulties owing to ill-conditioned matrices.

I have expertise in greater than double precision calculations using DoubleDouble/QuadDouble data types as well as ball arithmetic; and parallel/GPU programming techniques using a variety of programming languages. I also routinely use machine learning in my research.

I run a blog called Textbook to Terminal, T>T, where I discuss scientific and mathematical related problems and how to program them (click the link on your left!)

In my spare time I enjoy powerlifting and strongman training, astrophotography, oil painting and tinkering with Raspberry Pi’s.


  • 2014 - 2018: PhD in Quantum Chemical Physics, The University of Sussex, UK, “The few-particle quantum chemical physics of atoms and molecules.”
  • 2010 - 2014: Master of Physics and Astrophysics, The University of kent, UK.


  • 2019 NVIDIA GPU grant award

    Awarded a Titan V GPU from NVIDIA as part of their Accelerated Data Science grant program.

  • 2017 Young Modellers Forum (YMF) talk prize

    Awarded for my talk titled, “Going beyond standard approximations in quantum chemistry.”

  • 2016 Doctoral Overseas Grant award, The University of Sussex

    I was awarded £1000 by the University of Sussex to attend the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP). I presented a poster on my research.

  • 2016 Institute of Physics funding award, Institute of Physics

    I was awarded £300 to attend the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP) which took place in North Dakota USA. I presented a poster on my research.

  • 2014 MPHYS final year research prize, School of Physical Sciences, The University of Kent

    Awarded to the student in their final year with the best research project.

  • 2011 Second year student prize, School of Physical Sciences, The University of Kent

    Awarded to the student with the highest total mark in second year.